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St Luke's opens COVID-19 Screening Center - St Luke's abre el Centro de Detección COVID-19.

In the event of an emergency, the City of Bellevue will post notifications and event updates to this section of the website.
Do you have a survival kit?

Being prepared for emergencies or disasters is extremely important. You need to have essential items with you to cope with disaster situations. Here are the top five things to consider in establishing a survival kit:

1. Availability of Water
* A person requires 1 gallon of water per day to survive and you should be prepared enough to arrange for a two week supply to have in your household and a reserve for a least 3 days in case of evacuation.
2. Availability of Food
* It is recommended to buy extra stock items every time you go shopping to set aside for an emergency. you should have stock food in reserves to last 2 weeks.
3. Emergency Equipment
* Everyone needs to have some essential items like a first aid kit and medicine for at least a week. Along with medical equipment, it is recommended that you have sanitation tools, warm clothing, LED lights and lanterns, batters and self-defense tools.

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