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Bellevue Memorial Park 
located on 3rd Street, between Cedar and Elm

This park features a basketball and tennis court along with great jungle gym toys for children. Enjoy a picnic in the shade. This park is the site of Bellevue's famous annual Labor Day Celebration.
Howard Preserve
located along Martin Lane off Broadford Rd

The Howard Preserve stretches a total of 13 acres along the Big Wood River. If you enjoy fishing and developed walkways this is the place for you. The preserve is the site of Bellevue's Haunted Forest. This popular event started in 2008 and attracts thousands of people to have some spooky fun for Halloween.
O'Donnell Park
located on Elm Street and Slaughterhouse Creek Rd

This park is geared towards everything sports; includes a well developed baseball and soccer field. A new jungle gym for children has been recently installed.

O'Donnell Park users

“The City of Bellevue is currently evaluating the health of the soccer field and the softball field. We are also in the process of determining how to mitigate the parking problems that occur when both parks are in use at the same time. For these reasons, we are currently not accepting park reservations. The Council will be discussing this on a future agenda.”

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