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Bellevue Urban Renewal Agency

What is BURA??
The BURA organization implements programs of redevelopment and needed public
improvements within the city's Revenue Allocation Area. Project decisions are in conjunction to the Bellevue Urban Renewal Plan, adopted by City Council in 2006. BURA financing is separate from the city's budget and comes from a combination of annual revenue funds, bond proceeds and other sources.
Funded projects of BURA:
*Lighted pedestrian walkways at Broadford Road and Elm St.
*Concrete flooring and roof over shelter at Memorial Park 
*Concrete flooring for playground equipment
 at O'Donnell and Memorial Park 
*Paint stripping for Broadford Road after resurfacing 
* New Utility pole to hang event banners across Main Street
* Working on installing two (2) Mountain Ride Bus shelters on Main Street
* Christmas Decorations for annual tree lighting ceremony 


City of Bellevue 208-788-2128 115 E Pine Street P.O. Box 825 Bellevue ID 83313